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About R2GAS

Research Centre for Renewable Gases (R2Gas) was founded in July 2019 as a non-profit association based in Vienna (Austria). It focuses on cutting-edge research activity, which converts into a range of services, providing private and governmental sector with studies, technologies, and consultancy.

The organization contributes to substitute fossil gases by sustainable renewable gases for all applications (mobility, electricity and heat production) and improves efficiency of energy transportation and storage including P2G. The association evaluates the best available technologies, contributes to technology development and supplies reliable and sound information for decision makers, policy and industry. R2Gas embraces experienced, top experts from research, development, business, and academia from all across Europe.

R2Gas members together dispose over an extended network of different stakeholders from all over Europe in the area of sustainable gases and its application that they can rely on to provide solutions by removing both the technical and the non-technical barriers. Thanks to the association’s members from engineering, chemistry, natural sciences and business together with the wide network, R2Gas can significantly contribute to perform tasks set at a high professional level.

Since it's founding in 2019 R2Gas supported all relevant stakeholders and especially implementing bodies with exactly the information they needed based on their cumulated 200+ years of experience.

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