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R2GAS GREEN TUESDAYS - DFB Syngas Generation & Utilization

Renowned experts presented and dicsussed the current state-of-the-art in gasification and syngas applications. Main focus have been on existing gasification projects. Different to the fossil industry gasification plants in the field of biomass are still scarce. The reasons have been discussed with the workshop participants and required needs summarized.

Another focus have been on the availability of biomass. Austria as one of the most advanced country in biomass utilization is in the position to increase the share on renewable energy by 20% just with gasification plants solely. Worldwide the potential is much larger, this is one reason why the renowned experts included in this workshop are publishing their research results since 30 years on an Open Access basis.

Syngas is generated from any kind of biomass, biogenic waste or other solid fruels as sewage sludge via the Dual-Fluidized Bed (#dfb) gasification technology. The current state-of-the-art is the G-volution system, which will be implemented in Austria during the next years and decades. It generates a high quality syngas, which serves as important feedstock for a broad range of processes in the chemical industry. It can be converted easily into Ammonia, ethers, or alcohols. It is also perfectly suitable for fuel production as #biomethane #jetfuels #kerosene #diesel #gasoline. It provides a series of interfaces to other renewable energy technologies and can support technologies as #efuel, #PtL, or #PtG.

Syngas is an important main pillar of #circulareconomy and contributes to save our climate. Further technologies have been already developed in order to capture and store the biogenic carbon in order to extract CO2 from our atmosphere #CCUS



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