R2GAS References


Comparison of alternative fuels including biogas for a trucking company in the agricultural business    
Ordered by: Trucking Company
Development of an online comparison tool for biogas based transport with conventional and alternative fuels    
Ordered by: Group of Biogas Companies,


Concept for use of locally produced biogas as vehicle fuel without gas grid injection   
Ordered by: Local Energy Utility
Assessment of conditions for European methane trade
Client: German Trading Company
A comparative analysis of biomethane vehicle fuel utilization across the EU: Prospects for the Czech Republic;
Client: Ministry of Industry and Trade of the Czech Republic
BFiT – Beyond Feed-In Tariff: assessment of all styrian AD and sewage plants, Preparation of new business models and clusters connected with mobile transport, resp. Biogas pipelines
Client: Styrian government, Energienetze Steiermark (styrian utility company), chamber of agriculture


Concept for biogas production and local use as vehicle fuel from agricultural and municipal waste   
Funded by: Sächsisches Landesamt für Umwelt, Landwirtschaft und Geologie
Evaluation of feed in rules for biomethane feed in into the national gas grid  
Ordered by: Ministry of Commerce Luxembourg, 2013/2014/2017
Technical assistence (heat and mass flow modelling) of integration of a novel H2 generation process into an existing organic waste based biogas/biomethane production plant      
Ordered by: Lindum AS, Norway
Review of an analysis for a green gas certification scheme
Client: Intl. Research Center, IRE
Assessment of incentives and subsequent  development of biogas plants in Europe
Client: European Commission, BiogasAction H2020 project.
Winddiesel: competitive sector coupling, integration of a PtX concept into a gasification and Fischer Tropsch plant (http://www.winddiesel.at/)
Client: Austrian climate- and energyfunds
Policy document as basis for the Austrian AD feed-in tariff
Client: BiGa-Net
Fischer-Tropsch Synthesis - effects of feedstock load changes regarding product quality and catalyst attrition
Client: GET


Support ARSESP to develop a draft proposal for a state regulation for the injection of biomethane into the Natural Gas grid
Ordered by: GIZ, 2016
Biogas seminar for employees of the indonesian "Agency for The Assessment and Application of Technology - BPPT" from Jakarta, Indonesia,
Ordered by: Fraunhofer IFF, 2016
Development of a biomethane strategy based on the actual and future developments in the German and international biomethane market    
Ordered by: Energy utility 2016
Development of a technical concept for the injection of biomethane in the gas distribution grid in Santa Catarina (Brazil) considering the economic aspects
Ordered by: German consulting company, funded by DEG, 2016
Gasmarked study South Brazil    
Ordered by: WWZ, 2016
Technology Brief: Biogas as Vehicle Fuel
Ordered by: IRENA, 2016
Training course for Bioenergy Cluster entrepreneurs about biogas production and use in small-scale biogas plants in Colombia
Ordered by: Cámara de Comercio de Cali, 2016
Compilation of national bioenergy strategies in IEA Countries
On behalf of IEA Bioenergy
Study of lignocellulosic feedstock for biomethane production;
Client: Ministry of Industry and Trade of the Czech Republic
Promotion of Sustainable Biogas Production in EU (BiogasAction);
Client: European Commission, Horizon 2020 Project
Report on concept of satellite local filling stations network
Client: Austrian Ministry for economy
Data Envelopment Analysis and Benchmarking of Austrian AD plants, Recommendations for improvement of efficiency
Client: Austrian Ministry for economy
Reports on good practice of biomethane usage as a transportation fuel
Client: H2020


Analysis of concepts for biogas use from a biogas plant in Brazil (São Paulo / Minas Gerais)
Ordered by: German biogas plant supplier, 2015
BIOmethane as SUstainable and Renewable Fuel (BIOSURF);
Client: European Commission, Horizon 2020 Project
Benchmark of European Strategies on biogas production and utlisation: Prospectives for France
Client: ADEME
(In Collaboration with EREP)
Technology Assessment of the European market for gas upgrading systems
Client: Private Investment Company
Consultations for optimised and cost-efficient application of biomethane & the evaluation of the role of biomethane in the German energy system
Ordered by: Federal Ministry of Environment / Federal Ministry of Commerce and Energy, (2013-2015)


Market evaluation for AD plants in Europe
Client: Austrian Plant Manufacturer


Due diligence of 17 various biogas projects prior financing;
Client: Private Financial Institution (2011-2013)
An assessment of 11 various biowaste projects: Technical, economic and environmental feasibility studies;
Client: Turn-key Plant Developer (2012-2013)
BIOGAS production from organic waste in the European food and beverage industry (FABBiogas);
Client: European Commission, FP7 Project Intelligent Energy Europe
Evaluation of potential sites for AD plants digesting EFB in Indonesia
Client: Private Investment Group
(In Collaboration with AFAG Engineering)


Assessment of the European Biomethane market and legal framework
Client: European Commission, GreenGasGrid FP7 project
(On behalf of the European Biogas Association)
BSB: Biogas Smart Business – new business models for bioags plants
Client: Austrian climate- and energyfunds


Evaluation of a waste treatment installation Mexico
Client: American investment group (2009-2011)
(In Collaboration with AFAG Engineering)
Eco.in: Study about utilization of organic waste, system analysis and recommendation for potential sites in the south of Vienna
Client: Austrian ministry for agriculture


An Assessment of Biomethane Standards Across EU;
Client: Ministry of Industry and Trade of the Czech Republic
Sustainable biogas market development in Central and Eastern Europe (BiogasIN);
Client: European Commission, FP7 Project Intelligent Energy Europe
Assessment of the biomass potential for AD in Switzerland
Client: Plant Manufacturer
Mobile Biogas: Development of a mobile upgrading unit for the production of biomethane from AD plants
Client: Austrian climate. And energyfunds

Prior 2010

2009        Concept study for a biogas pipeline in the district of Güssing
Client: Austria climate- and energy funds
2007        Due diligence of a French biogas company
Client: French Private Equity Group
2003        Survey of AD technologies applicable in the USA
Client: Consultant Company Iowa
2001         Due diligence of an AD process in Australia
Client: Pension Fund Australia
2000        Due diligence of bioenergy plants in northern Canada
Client: Canadian Energy Company
1997-2002    Analysis of 600 biogas installations in 15 European countries  
Client: European Commission:  AD I and AD II projects