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R2GAS GREEN TUESDAYS - DFB Syngas Generation & Utilization

DFB Syngas Generation & Utilization

Tuesday, Sept., 12th 2023 10:00am – 11:30pm


Meet, greet and discuss with high level experts and relevant stakeholders in the field of thermochemical conversion. The first workshop of our “R2Gas Green Tuesday” series deals with Dual Fluidised Bed gasification, biomethane and FT-fuels production.
Our intent is to establish an atmosphere, similar to a coffee break discussion at your institution. In order to save your time, the workshops are online-events only. The host Richard Zweiler will present latest relevant information eventually supported by the invited guest Christian Aichernig within half an hour and then a discussion between the participants will follow.
The number of participants is limited in order to assure a fruitful discussion, thus please register soon because we use a first come, first serve policy.
Content presentation:

  • current status syngas generation units
  • promising projects and technologies
  • potential in Austria
  • technical and non-technical barriers

We’ll sum up the most relevant input and will derive further actions or activities from our discussion. This summary will be published on this site after the workshop. With such procedure we are positive to serve everybody, please don’t hesitate to contact the organizer for any issues you have in mind.


DI Dr. Richard Zweiler
+43 676 3078900

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