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The team

Yves Membrez (EUR-ING)

Actual function: Founder and Managing Director of EREP – a civil engineering and consulting company

Career: 1980-present EREP founder & director, 1996 European Engineer (EUR-ING), 1976 Ecole d’ingénieurs de Lausanne (Civil engineering degree ETS/UTS)

Professional experience: He has 45 years of hands-on experience in civil engineering including: Management of numerous technical and economic feasibility studies, applied research projects and project expertise; Preparation of technical files for calls for tender and project management assistance for agricultural and industrial biogas plants; Author of numerous studies and publications in the field of biogas; Management of professional training programs (PACER/CH).


Member of the Chamber of Experts of Swiss Engineering UTS
Honorary member of the Environment and Energy Professional Group of Swiss Engineering UTS
Member of the group of experts in charge of supporting the “Biomass” programm of the Swiss Federal Office of Energy (1996-1998)
Member of the Committee of the association « Biomasse Suisse » (2011-2014)

Dr. Arthur Wellinger
R2Gas President

Actual function: Since 2012 CEO of Triple E&M, international research and consulting in biogas and waste

Career: 1996 to 2012 Managing Director of Nova Energie, a consulting company in all fields of   renewable energy and energy efficiency.
1986 to 1996 Managing Director of Infoenergie, a public consulting organisation for renewable energy and efficiency

Professional experience: Development of different AD systems for solid and liquid wastes including pre-treatments and gas upgrading. Task Leader and Technical Coordinator of IEA Bioenergy. Member of national and international expert teams, national scientific committees and CEN groups. Merits in coaching of industries and communities as well as policy making. 12 years appointed guest professor at TU Wien

Membership: Founding president of EBA; president of the Swiss Association of digestion plant operators; Vice-president of the Swiss Biogas Association (Biomasse Suisse).

Dr. Jan Stambasky
R2Gas vice-President

Actual function: Since 2008 CEO of NovaEnergo, international consulting, research and trade in biogas

Career: 2004-2008 PhD in Organic Chemistry (University of Glasgow, U.K.)

Professional experience: An advanced AD and gasification technology design and process optimisation. Chemical and microbial analyses, enzyme technologies, biomass treatment, thermal processes, engineering, technical due-diligence and consultancy on EU-wide level. His special interest is in enzyme applications and biogas and syngas upgrading utilization.

Membership: Former president of the European Biogas Association (EBA). Vice-president of the European Renewable Gas Registry (ERGaR) between 2016 and 2019. Member of the Gas Quality Working Group and the Gas Utilisation Working Group at the Technical Association of the European Natural Gas Industry (MARCOGAZ). Member of various governmental and technical expert teams, holding also the position of the Head of International Affairs at the Czech Biogas Association.

Dr. Attila Kovacs

Actual function: Managing Director of First Hungarian Biogas and Solar Ltd – an engineering and consulting company in Budapest

Career: Attila Kovacs, PhD in Economics (University of Economics, Budapest), MSc in Chemical Engineering (Institute of Technology, Leningrad); Managing Director of E-A Energy Consulting GmbH, Vienna

Professional experience: He has 37 years of experience in international oil and gas industries and he has been working in the field of biogas since 2004, promoting biogas technology in Hungary and other Central – East European countries. He has published several articles on the subject and has been a speaker on numerous international renewable energy conferences

Membership: Member of the Executive Board of European Biogas Association between 2009 and 2019. Secretary General of the European Renewable Gas Registry (ERGaR) since September 2016. Board Member of the Hungarian Biogas Association since 2015

Prof. Kornel Kovacs

Actual function: Professor Emeritus at the Department of Biotechnology of the University of Szeged.

Professional experience: Graduated from the Faculty of Natural Sciences, University of Szeged in 1971. His main affiliation was at the Biological Research Centre of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences between 1971 and 1996. He became a full professor at the Department of Biotechnology, University of Szeged in 1996. Between 1996 and 2012 he served as department chair. He was also the Dean of Biosciences at this University for 12 years, currently Professor Emeritus. Altogether he spent 4.5 years as visiting scientist in the USA (University of California at Berkeley and University of Georgia) and 1.5 years in France (CEA-CENG Grenoble). He participated in several EU FP5-FP7 and H2020 projects in the field of biogas biotechnology. He has published more than 300 publications in various scientific journals and is a co-author of 8 patents.

Membership: In 2004 he was elected as President of the newly established Hungarian Biogas Association, re-elected in 2008 and 2012. Stepped down in 2018 from HBA presidency, currently serves as a member of the Board. Member of the Scientific Advisory Committee of the European Biogas Association.

Prof. Frank Scholwin

Actual function: Since 2012 founder and owner of Institute for Biogas, Waste Management and Energy, international consulting, research and knowledge transfer in biogas and biomethane as well as honorary professorship for biogas and bioenergy at Rostock University since 2009

Career: 2004 to 2012 Head of unit Biogas Technology at Deutsches Biomasse Forschungs Zentrum, 2001/2012 that organisation´s Scientific Director, the German national research centre for Bioenergy 1999 to 2004 Scientist at Rostock University and Bauhaus University Weimar

Professional experience: Environmental Engineer carried out research and consultancy projects in biogas technology, organic waste treatment, energy from solid biomass, biomethane production, policy development, research proposal evaluation. Member of national and international scientific committees.

Membership: European Biogas Association, German Biogas Association, GERBIO the German Biogas and Bioenergy Society, VDI

Ing. Theo Verleun

Actual function(s):  DGA/CEO and owner of LIGAROS BV; Consultant in Insect rearing - at start-up campus – egg-processing –  and more; GM and owner of GOA-ventures BV; Producer of food protein and green gas from Seaweeds

Sales & Marketing manager renewable energy (biomass utilisation) - DSM- innovation centre (NL)
Industry manager ‘’specialty applications’’ - DSM-food specialities (NL)
Business manager (fossil) Oil & Gas processing chemicals - Brenntag  (USA and EU)
Business manager Food additives and ingredients - Brenntag  (NL & D)
Product line manager / integration manager – Industrial and food & feed enzymes – Genencor (USA – Fin)
Sales manager – (food) Processing enzymes – Gist Brocades (NL)
Product specialist – viral diagnostics – Electro-Nucleonics  (USA - NL – S)
(medical) Lab technician – Biotechnology – Academical Hospital Erasmus Rotterdam (NL)
Professional experience: He travelled the world (~40 yrs) to be mainly involved in the applications of the products which he represented, followed by management positions to lead team to be in contact with customers who have a need for (biotech) solutions. Field of activity : MEDICAL – FOOD – FEED – biomass – (renewable) energy

TPC – The Protein cluster
GGNL – Dutch Green Gas association.

Dr. Richard Zweiler

Actual function: Since 2007 CEO of Güssing Energy Technologies, since 2011 active member of the ACR (Austrian Cooperative Research), currently Digitisation Manager of ACR, since 2016 managing director of the Austrian Biogas Network (BiGa-Net), since 2014 politically independent member for European affairs of the town council Güssing.

Career: 1995 to 2002 Team manager for direct marketing, resp. fundraising for the German red cross and different environmental organisations in Austria and Germany.
2002 to 2005: Junior Researcher at ABC (now bioenergy2020+): design, erection, start –up and operation of a bubbling fluidized bed pressurized gasification test rig
2006 to 2007: Lead process engineer on Offshore platforms in Nigeria operated by Exxon-Mobil
2007: chemical engineer at Repotec (Renewable Power Technologies)

Professional experience: Dr. Zweiler followed always a transdisciplinary approach, for instance his knowledge from the “certified fellowship management” from the university of economics supported his aim for combining technical results with the need for economical acceptance. He started to write software at the age of 12, which was the basis for several tools he and afterwards his company GET established. His main output was basic and extended design of several demonstration facilities, like the methanation plant in Güssing, as well as application for permissions, site supervision, As-Built documentation, optimisation and operation of renewable energy facilities. Since more than 10 years he focussed on international RIA, IA and CSA projects.
Besides that he managed to raise a research institute in one of the most rural areas in Austria and has done lectures at the Vienna University of Technology and FH Joaennum.

Membership: GET is active member of the ACR, where 800 employees conduct research in several disciplines. GET is a licensed Austrian engineering office, which issues certificates for AD plants for instance. GET holds three licenses from the Austrian Chamber of commerce and is member of different initiatives, like the “Initiative Sonnenhaus”. Scientists of GET are members in some international working groups, like the Renewable Heating and Cooling platform, or the District Heating and Cooling platform. There is a close cooperation with Austrian ministries; Dr. Zweiler participates at the Austrian Mission Innovation events and working groups as well as at H2020 biofuel workshops.

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